Juliet George - Lymphoedema Therapy

I am a Remedial Massage Therapist with specific training in The 'Casley-Smith Method of Complex Lymphatic Therapy used in the Treatment of Lymphoedema' as awarded by the Lymphoedema Association of Australia in the year 2000.

For eighteen years I ran a Lymphoedema Clinic in Sydney NSW that provided service for lymphoedema affected clients and provided lymphoedema training courses for healthcare professionals. I am now semi-retired and work from home in Bongaree. Home Visitation can be arranged if you are unable to visit me at home. You may contact me directly for a lymphatic drainage therapy consultation with or without a referral from your doctor. 

To discuss how my treatments could potentially be of benefit to you please feel free to contact me on 0478 770 448. I look forward to hearing from you.

NOTE: I work in conjunction with your own medical practitioner when needed, as they are the most appropriate person/s to provide medical diagnosis for all of your needs.



I Provide Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Complex Lymphatic Therapy for the control of swelling

to arms, legs, neck shoulders or torso where lymphatic dysfunction is the causative factor.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be combined with:

    Low Level Laser Therapy
    Compression Bandaging
    Compression Garments

    Skin Care and,
    Self Help Assistance

The object of Lymphatic drainage treatment is to improve the flow of lymphatic fluid through and away from a congested affected area. 

Where lymphatic flow is compromised from surgery or radiation therapy and swelling occurs, then lymphatic fluid is redirected using Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques to bypass the affected blocked area and direct lymphatic fluid to other unaffected areas of the body where it can drain away normally to reduce swelling. 

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Initial Visit 60 - 90 minutes ---  $90

I discuss and talk with you about your desired outcome from therapy.

Take your history and record your pertinent facts.

Take measurements of affected limbs where it is possible.

Provide Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Massage.

Make Evidence Based Assessment at completion of massage and, explain and discuss Therapy Options.

General Visit 60 minutes ---  $80

Take measurements of affected limbs before and after therapy where possible. 

Provide Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Massage.

Give Verbal Feedback Report on your progress.

Discuss Therapy Satisfaction Outcomes with you. 

To make an Appointment Phone me on 0478 770 448, 

or use the contact details below. It would be my pleasure to talk with you

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Consultations Are

By Appointment Only

Mon -Fri : 9am-2pm

14 Pentas Drive,

Bongaree QLD 4507

Phone: 0478 770448

email: juliet@jgnetwork.net

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