Diet for Lymphoedema

Diet for Lymphoedema


The book Diet for lymphoedema is a winning 1:4 diet formula. It is the culmination of long term lymphoedema research; practical lymphatic therapy and professional lymphoedema clinic observations. It is how you combine foods, not so much exactly 'what you eat'. This allows your body to improve circulation to become balanced; healthy to assist with oedema and swelling control.  

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    Diet for lymphoedema is not a weight loss or restricted calorie diet. Nor is it a magic cure for lymphoedema. However, it does present a way to combine foods that have potential benefits in the control of oedema without leaving you hungry or missing out on foods you love.


    The book is easy to read and simple to follow. It’s winning 1:4 winning diet formula sets out how foods may be selected, combined and cooked. There are no special ingredients to purchase. All ingredients you need should be available at your local supermarket.


    The beneficial effect of maintaining a well balanced diet on the human body and enhancing circulation are undeniable. I commend this book to you. It may be purchased now for the super low price of AUD $27.00 including postage. Just click on the add to cart link and go to checkout to purchase your copy now.


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