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Lymphatic Drainage and Complex Lymphatic Therapy by Juliet

I practice the Casley-Smith Method of Complex Lymphatic Therapy used in the Treatment of Lymphoedema as awarded by the Lymphoedema Association of Australia in 2000

The lymphatic system maintains fluid balance in the body tissues. If the lymphatic system is not functioning properly oedema and a feeling of tiredness and lethargy may result.

​Although lymphatic drainage is beneficial for some people, it is not a suitable therapy for all people. I recommended you consult your doctor for diagnosis of all medical conditions prior to seeing me.

​Once it is established you could benefit from lymphatic drainage, then a course of therapy can be scheduled and undertaken.

Lymphatic drainage can be beneficial in cases of:

·        Lymphoedema

·        Lipoedema

·        When feeling run down and out of sorts

·        After sickness or illness

·        Before surgery

·        After radiation therapy on your Dr's advice

·        After Surgery when indicated by your doctor.

Where no causative factors for your condition have been medically established, referral to a licenced medical practitioner requesting their diagnostic expertise and your suitability for therapy may be required.

Lymphoedema; Lipoedema and Venous Oedema.

Complex Lymphatic Therapy is used in the treatment of Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and Venous conditions. It helps reduce swelling using a specialized massage.

By taking circumference measurements of affected body parts before and after treatment, it is possible to ascertain size reductions and effectiveness of therapy in many cases.

Compression garments are an option to be used after massage to maintain oedema reductions.

Complex Lymphatic Therapy also investigates lifestyle options, preventative maintenance and, to reduce costs, therapy you can perform yourself at home.

I have taught the Casley-Smith Method of CLT to physiotherapists, occupational therapists and massage therapists. I use this therapy method in my practice.

​Phone me, Juliet on 0478 770 448 for more information.



Compression Garments by Haddenham and Juzo
Skin Care Products by Juliet

Compression Garments:

I provide a compression garment sizing selection and fitting service.

My preferred manufacturers are Haddenham Healthcare and Juzo. Both have an extensive range of products in many differing sizes.

Some compression garments are adjustable with Velcro fastenings for ease of use.

Phone me, Juliet on 0478 770 448 for more information.

Skin Care Products:

I compound Body Salves and Creams to help moisturize your skin. This in turn helps maintain your skins own natural defenses to keep unwanted bacteria from entering your body and causing infection.   

The most popular creams I supply are:

  • Turneem Body Cream; 

  • Comfrey Salve; and,

  • Chickweed/Chamomile blend Salve

  • Phone me on 0478 770 448 for more information and pricing options.